Heartwood Lane is an acoustic Indie/Americana act with a dynamic blend of original compositions and classic covers.

 The duo is comprised of Clifton Roesch and Angelique Roesch, a married couple located out of Tampa, FL. Both musicians are multi-instrumentalists covering guitar, bass, keys, violin, harmonica, banjo, mandolin, and percussion between them. While Clifton Roesch writes the majority of the band's music, both are accomplished vocalists and have a natural blend of harmonies throughout their compositions.

The two met because of their shared interest in music and have been in multiple bands together including The Drivers and American Song Box. Clifton began playing music at ten years old starting with piano. He then played saxophone during high-school but began gravitating towards guitar as a more natural medium for self-expression. While getting his Bachelors degree in English and American Literature, he fell in love with acoustic guitar and the freedom of song-writing.

Angelique began studying violin at the age of three and was classically trained in the instrument along with piano and vocals. Growing up, she sang in many professional broad-way style musical productions. After moving away from her home-town in Iowa, she played first-chair violin for multiple orchestral pits in Washington before moving to Florida and discovering the joy of playing original music.

The duo's contrasting backgrounds lend a unique feel to their sound and style, creating a vibe that is both raw and rugged yet practiced and polished.

They have received air-time and been featured artists on various radio shows and podcasts such as, "Connections Radio," "Open Mike's Live," "IRN - The Internet Radio Network," and WMNF 88.5 FM's, "It's the Music" and "Musicians Wanted."

Heartwood Lane has played numerous venues throughout Florida including Skipper's Smokehouse, The Orpheum, Open Mike's Lounge, Wop's Hops Brewing, Mr. Dunderbak's, The Blue Note, and many more. Their first full-length studio album, "Day Dreamin," is scheduled for release in 2019 and is an all-original album including cover art by Clifton Roesch.